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Here’s our list of 5 ingenious Rimworld cheats and hacks you probably hadn’t thought of. You’ll need to read our guide on unlocking cheats first!

1Harness your beavers

Alphabeavers are hungry, hyperactive critters who gnaw their way through Rimworld’s trees like a furry brown knife through delicious woody butter. Normally they’re a pain in the butt, threatening to decimate your wood production if left unchecked.

With a little forward planning though, you can keep the approaches to your base clear. Use Rimworld’s ‘spawn pawn’ cheat to summon a small army of the furry de-foresters in an area full of trees, and they’ll soon remove all the offending trunks, leaving would-be raiders with no cover to hide behind as they approach your base.

2Growing Smart

Experienced Rimworld players will have encountered a Blight, Fallout event, or Cold Snap which has decimated their crops and left their colony teetering on the brink of extinction. A speedy and reliable food supply is key to survival.

The best way to secure this is to plant crops like Rice or Corn in Rich Soil, where they’ll grow 40% faster. Often though the amount of Rich Soil is limited, and it might be a long walk from your main base.

Fortunately, using the Set Terrain > Rich Soil tool in the dev menu you can convert any terrain type to gain that fertility boost. It’s perfect for setting up productive crop fields secure inside your base. Just remember to provide lighting for the plants if you use it indoors.

3Buff your Colonists

They’re the workhorses that keep your colony running, but your colonists can be frustratingly lazy and moody. Apply some positive traits via the Give Trait tool in the ‘debug actions’ menu, like Jogger which improves movement speed, or Optimist which gives them a permanent buff to happiness. Sorted!

4Call in a Supply Drop

If you’d like a package of goodies but don’t want to have to spawn them all in separately, use the BaseGen > randomGeneralGoods or BaseGen > Storage tools to draw in a rectangle sized according to your choosing. It’ll be scattered with various foodstuffs, meals, drugs, medical supplies and sometimes other rarer items.

5Fire! Fire! Fire!

When a fire has taken hold it can be extremely difficult to extinguish. Wooden structures are particularly vulnerable, and indoor temperatures can make it hazardous for your colonists to persist in trying to put it out.

Luckily Rimworld has the cheat for you! The Explosion (Extinguisher) tool acts like a giant firefoam popper, soaking the surroundings with fire extinguishing foam. Perfect!

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