Rimworld logo in front of desert planet
Rimworld by Ludeon Studios

Rimworld’s sci-fi basebuilder is hard-as-nails. Unlocking its secret developer mode will let you cheat your way to success – and who doesn’t love success!

Unlocking Rimworld’s Dev Mode

The first step in getting those cheats active is activating the hidden developer mode. It’s tucked away deep in the options menu. Access it by clicking on Menu in the bottom right, then on Options.

Rimworld cheat enabler step 1

Next, tick the red cross next to the words Development Mode. This will unlock the tools you can use to cheat your way to survival.

Rimworld cheat enabler step 2

Then close the Options menu and look up above the images of your colonists – you should see a new row of small icons. You can hover your mouse over each to see what it does, but the one in the middle with the ‘debug actions’ tooltip is the one you’ll find the most useful.

Rimworld cheat enabler step 3

Get Your Cheat On

You can now heal your colonists, defeat raiders, spawn items and even turn on God Mode, allowing you to instantly build structures and furniture.

A word to the wise though: some of the tools you’ve unlocked can ruin your game by killing all your colonists, blanking the map or permanently destroying items. It’s a great idea to test them out first using a colony you don’t care about, or reading one of our guides first.

Now you’ve unlocked the cheats, take a look at our article Top 5 Rimworld Cheats You Hadn’t Thought of to get some ideas of how to boost your game using the dev tools!



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