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Heroic Malkorok down. There was much rejoicing. Screenshot:

Ronebean Well done everyone.
Serenity Gratz! Love the screenshot ...
Dark Shaman are down... but we didn't get a screenshot because we forgot  cause Forrseti is a slacker and didnt put it up yet... Kobie got a video, though, so we'll update with the link soon!

Some great attempts at Malkorok on Sunday 9th - hopefully he'll go down without too much fuss.

Nice work, team.

Serenity Nice one guys! Keep it up.
So, what have we been up to since my last post! 
We've been doing really well in our raids - as you can see from the screen shots below we are now 7 HC bosses in, we're working on Dark Shaman and he will be dying on Sunday! :D 

If you haven't read about it on the forums already we will soon be running a separate normal SoO run for Trials for WoD and for socials who are interested, if you haven't checked out the post already go go now! 

We're still recruiting DPS for WoD so if you know anyone interested send them our way!!

That's all for now, love and hugs guildies! 

Hunni x
One raid night and two new kills with Iron J and Nazgrim both getting their asses handed to them. Awesome job to the raid team.

Serenity Nice one guys! Keep up the good progress!

And the winner is...

Hunnibunni a posted Jan 20, 14
The results are in for the guild name change, it was a close tie but we have decided on a winner....


I will be changing the guild name later this evening so should appear very soon above your name! Also the new website should be up and running hopefully tomorrow morning! So remember to save this to your favourites!

We will be having a new mumble server details of which I shall post soon! 

Thank you for all your help and participation it made the process so much easier! :D 

Happy hunting

Hunni x
Hunnibunni a If you haven't seen The Thick Of It, it's amazing go watch now! ...
Serenity Omnishambles is a neologism first used in the BBC political satire The Thick of It. The word is compounded from the Lati ...
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